Vatican Radio conviction

10/01/2019 Posted by admin

The station’s president, Cardinal Roberto Tucci, and director general Father Pasquale Borgomeo received 10-day suspended jail sentences after Judge Luisa Martoni ruled the station’s transmitters were polluting the atmosphere with powerful electromagnetic waves.

Vatican Radio, which has vowed to appeal the decision it’s labeled as “unjustified”, must stop its interference and also pay compensation.

The giant transmitters, located north of the capital Rome, beam programs worldwide in 40 languages.

But locals have complained their signals are causing serious health problems, including leukemia.

In 2001 an Italian environment ministry investigation in 2001 found the magnetic fields exceeded standards and were much higher than the permitted limits.

“We are happy with this sentence. Justice was done,” said local campaigner Raffaele Capone.

“The inhabitants of northern Rome had to put up with the arrogance of Vatican Radio for all these years. We hope that it will be removed from our territory so that we can finally live in peace,” he added.

“After so many delays and so much wasted time, today we have achieved an important success which underscores the need to protect people from the risk of ‘electro-smog’,” said Roberto Della Seta, chairman of environmental group Legambiente.

The judge also ruled a civil arbitration body should set the level of the damages.

One consumer’s group has already demanded the Vatican pay US$256m.

An initial trial was halted in 2002 after a judge ruled Italian laws couldn’t be applied to Vatican Radio because its transmission centre was seen as a part of the Vatican City, which is an independent sovereign state.

That decision was later overturned.

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