UK at more risk: experts

10/01/2019 Posted by admin

Terrorism experts Frank Gregory and Paul Wilkinson from the Royal Institute of International Affairs said Britain has given a boost to al-Qaeda propaganda, recruitment and fundraising.

“A key problem with regard to implementing (the strategy against terrorism) is that the UK government has been conducting counter-terrorism policy shoulder to shoulder with the US, not in the sense of being an equal decision-maker, but rather as pillion passenger compelled to leave the steering to the ally in the driving seat,” said the report.

However British Defence Secretary John Reid has rejected the report’s conclusions, saying terrorism is a global problem that the whole international community has to confront.

Earlier, the British government said it will push through new anti-terrorism legislation.

The country’s top legal officer, Lord Chancellor Charles Falconer, told the BBC the government hopes to agree on a timetable for new measures soon.

“If the opposition parties and the police can reach a consensus with us then we can do it very quickly,” he said.

Meanwhile, UK media has singled out Mohammad Sidique Khan, the eldest of the four alleged London bombers, as the likely leader of the operation.

London’s Metropolitan Police has confirmed that Khan was the third man blamed for the July 7 rush-hour attacks on underground trains and a bus that claimed 55 lives and injured 700.

Khan’s family has described him as a caring husband and father, and urged police to expose the “terror networks who target and groom our sons to carry out such evils.”

According to Britain’s Sunday Times newspaper, MI5 had a file on Khan last year but decided he did not pose enough of a threat to put him under surveillance.

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