Threat to Australian embassy

10/01/2019 Posted by admin

The most recent threat to the Phnom Penh embassy was in April and steps to upgrade security were taken then, the foreign minister said on Monday in response to a report in The Australian newspaper saying a group had threatened to attack Western embassies.

“There was some information around on the security of embassies in April,” Mr Downer told reporters.

“But we have ensured that the security of our embassy has been upgraded over a period of time. We’re satisfied with the efforts that have been made so far to strengthen the security at our embassies.”

Mr Downer said he did not want to get into the details of intelligence relating to the threat.

Earlier a foreign affairs spokesperson confirmed the threats reported in the media.

“We were aware of the threat and we responded accordingly to ensure appropriate security measures are in place”, a ministry spokeswoman said.

She declined to elaborate on any specific steps taken to protect the Phnom Penh embassy, but reaffirmed that a wide series of measures had been taken in recent months to upgrade security at a number of Australian missions abroad in response to terror threats.

The Australian newspaper reported the group, calling itself only “Allah”, conveyed its threat in a letter to Canadian officials last month, saying it would target embassies belonging to Australia, Canada, the United States and other Western nations both in Cambodia and elsewhere.

No timeframe for the attacks was mentioned.

Australia has been rushing to upgrade security at its overseas diplomatic posts after suspected Islamic militants carried out a suicide bombing outside its embassy in Jakarta in September, killing 10 people.

Most recently it updated its terrorist warnings after receiving a bomb threat in East Timor last month and last week changed its travel warnings for Indonesia following police alerts about an increased risk of suicide bombings in Jakarta.

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