Sharon rules out Iran attack

10/01/2019 Posted by admin

In an interview with CNN, Mr Sharon said Iran is potentially just months away from overcoming technical problems in building a nuclear bomb that could be used against Israel.

“Israel is not leading the struggle,” he told the television network after talks with US officials.

“Of course we exchange intelligence, we exchange views, we discuss (these) issues, but it’s not that we are planning any military attack on Iran,” he said.

When asked whether Israel has any evidence, he said: “We have evidence that Iran makes every effort to possess nuclear weapons,” however did not elaborate.

Israel has called for United Nations sanctions on Iraq, unhappy with European-led diplomatic efforts to secure an Iranian agreement on curbing uranium enrichment.

In 1981 Israel, widely believed to be the Middle East’s only nuclear power, sent jets to bomb suspected nuclear sites in Iraq, in a raid that drove Saddam Hussein’s nuclear ambitions underground.

Iran has called for Israel to be dismantled and insists it has no interest in weapons, but rather wants nuclear power plants to meet rising energy demands.

While Tehran has frozen its enrichment program, it refuses to relinquish permanently what it sees as a sovereign right to produce low-enriched uranium fuel for nuclear power plants.

Mr Sharon said the 1981 strike saved many lives, but the current situation is different, when asked about speculation Israel is eyeing a possible attack on Iranian nuclear sites.

The Israeli leader said the “problem is different and much wider”, arguing that an international coalition should work to end Iran’s nuclear program.

“We are not talking about when Iran actually produces nuclear weapons, but when it has the technological ability to do so,” he said.

“There has to be immediate action taken against Iran. We have to take this to the UN Security Council. They are the only ones with the tools to deal with this.”

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