Prince William graduates

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From now the 23-year-old can expect intense scrutiny of his behavior, his career plans and his relationship with fellow St. Andrews University graduate, Kate Middleton.

He was awarded an upper-second class honors degree on Thursday, the best academic achievement any member of the British royal family has managed.

Watching the ceremony was his father Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, and his grandmother Queen Elizabeth and grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Wearing a black gown with a cherry-red silk hood, Prince William, or William Wales as he was listed in the graduation program, was among 260 students graduating in the tradition-steeped ceremony.

He knelt as university chancellor Sir Kenneth Dover tapped him on the head with a scarlet cloth cap.

After the chancellor declared “Et super te”, “and upon you”, an official hooked the silk-lined hood over the new graduate’s head.

According to St. Andrews tradition, the cap contains a scrap of breeches worn by religious reformer John Knox, who preached in the Scottish medieval university town in the 16th century.

“I’m going out into the big wide world — not just essays now,” he said in a statement.

After the ceremony he walked to the local police station to thank officers for their protection work during his time at the university.

Chief constable Peter Wilson said the prince had been easy to work with and very co-operative.

“I suspect he’ll miss it when he’s gone. The spotlight will be on him now,” he said.

The prince graduated minutes after his girlfriend Kate Middleton.

Their two-year-old relationship will come under intensified scrutiny now. Years ago, an agreement was struck with the media to allow both Prince William to privately complete his education.

In exchange, he gave intermittent, pooled interviews.

The deal was largely followed during his four years at university, although occasional paparazzi photos of the prince and his girl friend were published, much to the annoyance of Buckingham Palace.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at St. Andrews, and I shall be very sad to leave,” William said Wednesday.

“I have been able to lead as normal a student life as I could have hoped for, and I’m very grateful to everyone, particularly the locals, who have helped make this happen.”

But now the future king has emerged as an adult member of the royal family.

Next week, he begins his first solo engagement, flying to New Zealand to join a tour by the British and Irish Lions rugby team as a representative of the queen.

Then he will do work experience in a mountain-rescue team, work at an international financial institution in London before learning about land management on a country estate.

He also plans to sign up for training at the prestigious Sandhurst military academy, where his younger brother Harry began his studies last month.

University careers are a recent experience for Britain’s royals who were traditionally educated by tutors in the royal palaces.

His father Prince Charles, who attended the St Andrews University graduation ceremony along with Queen Elizabeth, was awarded a lower-second degree from Cambridge as was his uncle Edward.

Prince William’s other royal uncle, the Duke of York, didn’t attend university nor did his aunt the Princess Royal.

His mother, Diana, left full-time academic education at 16.

William’s younger brother Prince Harry struggled academically while attending the exclusive Eton College.

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