Prince Albert at the helm

10/01/2019 Posted by admin

Prince Rainier, who is locked in a life-and-death struggle against heart, lung and kidney problems, is in intensive care for the ninth straight day.

Recent reports said Prince Rainier remained in a stable but frail condition.

His 47-year-old sone, Prince Albert, said he would take over the leadership duties with “force, conviction and passion.”

He said he knew he could count on Monaco’s citizens and thanked the population for its support in the name of himself and his two sisters.

“The health condition of our father remains very fragile. All necessary care is being provided by a medical team that I would like to thank for its constant devotion,” he said.

The ailing Prince Rainier, who has ruled the tiny Mediterranean principality since 1949, has been hospitalized several times since 2002 for recurrent respiratory problems.

During his latest illness his three children by his late wife, Oscar-winning US film star Grace Kelly, have taken turns by his bedside.

Prince Albert, is the only son of Prince Rainier.

He is not married and has no children, which reportedly caused such concern that Monaco’s consistution has been revised to ensure the continuation ofthe dynasty through his sisters.

Politicians, trade unions and cultural officials in Monaco have cancelled or delayed numerous events to show respect for ailing Prince Rainier.

The National Council of Monaco also has postponed a two-day parliamentary meeting of small European states.

After the Vatican, Monaco is the smallest country in the world.

Less than a quarter of its population of 32,000 are Monégasque nationals.

Among Monaco’s residents are movie stars like Roger Moore, the ex-Beatle Ringo Starr, the supermodel Helena Christensen, Luciano Pavarotti and fellow tenor Andrea Bocelli and a long list of international sports stars.

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