Moussaoui pleads guilty

10/01/2019 Posted by admin

United States Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales says the Government will now seek the death penalty after Moussaoui pleaded guilty to six conspiracy counts.

The French citizen, who is of Moroccan descent, said he was not part of the September the 11th plot itself, but had been part of a wider conspiracy to attack the White House.

His lawyers had attempted to prevent him pleading guilty, but the judge in the case accepted his plea.

Moussaoui was arrested in August 2001, a month before the attacks, in which 3,000 people died, after an American flight school reported he had been acting suspiciously.

After his arrest, Moussaoui says he lied to federal agents to allow the September 11th plot to proceed.

“We are seeking the death penalty in this case,” Gonzales told a press conference held shortly after Moussaoui’s appearance in a US District Court in the state of Virginia.

“The fact that Moussaoui participated in this terrorist conspiracy is no longer in doubt,” the attorney-general said.

“Moussaoui and his co-conspirators were responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocents on September 11.”

While admitting his guilt, Moussaoui has vowed to fight against execution.

“I will not apply for death and in fact I will fight every inch against the death penalty,” Moussaoui said in court.

The plea took place the same day that the suspected leader of al-Qaeda in Spain, accused of aiding the September 11th hijackers, went on trial along with 23 other suspects in Madrid.

Three of them are facing sentences of more than 60,000 years for allegedly helping to plot the attacks.

Security was tight for the suspects’ court appearance, with helicopters hovering above the specially-built courtroom where the defendants appeared inside a bulletproof glass cubicle.

Europe’s largest trial of suspected al-Qaeda members opened under the protection of a jamming system to prevent the use of a remote-controlled bomb.

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