Iraq constitution almost ready

10/01/2019 Posted by admin

The committee’s chairman, Hamoun Hammadi, expects the document to be complete within two weeks.

Mr Hammadi has suggested there are no major sticking points.

“There has been an agreement about all the basic issues, including the basic principles, rights, duties and freedoms,” he told reporters.

“The only point left is that of federalism which aroused some concerns and fears.”

The national assembly will soon debate the draft and submit amendments on August 15.

Optimism over the timetable came in spite of the resignation of four other Sunni members of the committee.

They walked out over the killings concerned about security.

“The time is not right for writing the constitution and we think it is not possible for us to continue working in such an atmosphere,” said Salah al-Mutlaq of the Sunni-based National Dialogue Council.

Their concerns came as Iraq remembered the dead from some of the worst bombings of recent months.

A three minute silence was observed to commemorate the deaths of more than a 100 people.

Among them were 32 children killed in Baghdad last week when a suicide bomber blew himself up as US soldiers handed out chocolates.

More than 80 others were killed in Al-Musayyib, south of the capital, when another bomber blew up a propane gas tanker.

In the latest violence, 15 people were killed including 8 would be army recruits who were targeted at a recruiting centre.

In other developments, nine people working on the tribunal set up to try Saddam Hussein have been dismissed over their links to the former leader’s Baath party.

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