Herman Cain, we hardly knew you

12/09/2019 Posted by admin

The former pizza boss has “suspended” his campaign for President, or at least the campaign to be the Republican Party nominee, after revelations that he may not be the man we thought he might be.


Cain ended his run (“suspending” his campaign in favour of ending it is semantics so he can continue to attract funding for any other political endeavours he pursues) after a few too many women came forward to tell of sexual harassment and an extra-marital affair.

First, Sharon Bialek said Cain made unwanted physical advances on her 14 years ago when he was the chief of the National Restaurant Association, claiming he suggested he’d boost her job search in return for sex.

A second woman, Karen Kraushaar, joined Bialek with more sexual harassment claims during Cain’s tenure as National Restaurant Association boss. The organisation reportedly settled her concerns with a $45,000 pay out.

Then, two other anonymous women complained of harassment but it was the revelation by another woman with a movie star name that sealed Cain’s fate. Ginger White, unemployed and a failed small business owner, revealed she’d had a 13-year affair with Cain during which he provided her with money.

Cain apparently discussed the claims with his wife (who’d not known about the affair), publicly denied them, and decided to blame the media for his downfall.

As you do.

But among the wreckage, perhaps the satirical news outlet The Onion best summed up Cain’s campaign collapse with this headline: “Rumors Of Extramarital Affair End Campaign Of Presidential Candidate Who Didn’t Know China Has Nuclear Weapons”

The Onion’s joke – funny because it is not a joke – referred to a Cain comment during a televised debate that inferred he did not know China has had nuclear capability for several decades. This from a guy who wants to lead the most militarily powerful nation on Earth.

Just how Cain rose to such prominence in the Republican campaign demonstrates the challenge facing the party in finding an electable candidate. On several occasions, Cain led credible polls leading the Republican nomination.

Cain somehow made Mitt Romney, the smart squeaky clean slick Mormon self-anointed as the Republican’s uninspiring conservative safe bet, look less of a sure a thing than first considered.

As for the new frontrunner? Welcome back Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker known for political brilliance and personal failings. Married three times, divorced twice, a run of form that included his own six-year extra-marital affair.

This is the best the Republicans, the party of family values, can do.

Gingrich is defending his past claiming human fallibility. Maybe so, but whether the Christian Right will agree with that, and the rest of America too, is another matter.

Just ask Herman.

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