Corby team mulls appeal

10/01/2019 Posted by admin

The 27-year-old’s defence team has 14 days to lodge an appeal, a move which could backfire because an appellant court may increase her prison sentence or even upgrade her punishment to death.

The Queensland woman was convicted of trying to smuggle 4.1 kilograms
of marijuana into Indonesia.

The defence team will reportedly consider a proposal by Australian barrister Julian Wagner, who says the best chance is an appeal to Indonesia’s Constitutional Court rather than the High Court.

He based his assessment on comments by Bali chief judge Linton Sirait preceding the verdict, particularly suggestions that Corby had to prove herself not guilty.

“It clearly shows there is blatant bias on behalf of the court,” Mr Wagner told Australia’s Nine network.

Corby’s legal team also said it had never received an offer of two Australian lawyers from the federal government during her trial.

Canberra said it recommended two QCs to Corby’s legal team, but her lawyers had rejected the approach.

But Queensland businessman Ron Bakir said the offer was never officially made.

“We never received any letters from the Australian government, nor did we receive any letters from any QC anywhere around the world providing assistance. Had we received any offers, we would have gladly taken them,” Mr Bakir told ABC radio.

Meanwhile, Australian Prime Minister John Howard has denied suggestions his government is not actively supporting Corby.

“Some people will think that I can fix this because this country gave billion dollars in assistance to Indonesia in the wake of the tsunami, that I can ring up the president.”

“If I were to do that he would say John, we have a judicial system just as you do, do you ring up judges of the Supreme Court of NSW and tell them what verdict to bring down?”

Some Corby supporters want tourists to boycott Bali, while others have asked for their donations to help tsunami victims in the Indonesian province of Aceh be returned.

Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said trying to punish Indonesians would do more harm than good to Corby’s plight.

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