Bedouin link to Egypt bombs

10/01/2019 Posted by admin

The gun battle with Bedouin tribesmen erupted in the mountainous interior of the Sinai Peninsula some 30 kilometres from the scene of Saturday’s carnage on the coast.

It came after police surrounded the nearby villages of Khurum and Rweissat in overnight raids.

“Two Pakistanis had been staying there and it is suspected that the bombs were assembled in this area,” an intelligence source said.

There were no reported injuries or arrests but the police left a small contingent to watch the area.

Hospital officials say the trio of bombings, Egypt’s deadliest attacks, killed 88 people while the health and tourism ministries have reported up to 64 confirmed dead.

The resort was packed with tourists when the pre-dawn bombs went off and foreign embassy officials were still in Sharm el-Sheikh as more than 30 bodies were still to be identified.

Pictures of the six Pakistanis believed to have entered Egypt in early July were distributed to police stations in the Sharm el-Sheikh area after the attacks, which followed another bombing spree in Sinai resorts in October.

Their passports were found in an unspecified Sharm el-Sheikh hotel and police say that one of them may have died in the bombings.

However police stressed that the Pakistanis were not necessarily the bombers.

Pakistani authorities said that so far they have not been approached by their Egyptian counterparts about the six suspects.

Pakistan has come under increased international pressure to crack down on Islamic militants after it emerged some of the bombers in the July 7 attacks in London, British Muslims of Pakistani descent, had recently visited the country.

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf nevertheless rejected speculation that Al-Qaeda was headquartered in his country, where he said the terror network had been “broken”.

At least 130 people have been arrested in a police dragnet as part of the massive search for the perpetrators of the attack on a hotel, a market and a parking lot that came on the heels of deadly bombings in London.

Police said about 600 kilograms of explosive were used in the attacks, more than half in the suicide car bomb that rammed into the luxury Ghazala Gardens hotel.

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