Arrests in Egypt bomber hunt

10/01/2019 Posted by admin

At least 88 people were killed and scores injured when three explosions ripped through the popular tourist resort.

Egyptian officials said the bombers used 500 kilograms of explosive materials in two car bombs and a suitcase.

Interior Minister Habib al-Adly said police were following leads from the arrests that suggest the attacks could be linked to October’s bombings in Taba, a tourist resort popular with Israelis.

Security sources will compare DNA samples from the bombing site with suspects of the Taba attacks to determine any connection.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has vowed to prosecute the bombers.

“This cowardly and criminal act which is aimed at destabilising Egypt will reinforce our determination to press the battle against terror through to its eradication,” he said on Saturday.

A second Islamist group calling itself the Mujahideen of Egypt has issued a statement on its website claiming responsibility for the attacks.

The message said: “We announce to the whole world that five people from the Mujahideen of Egypt … drove five rigged vehicles — a local taxi, three taxis from outside Egypt and a minibus — into the citadels of the Zionists (Israelis) in our country.”

The statement followed an earlier one released by another group claiming to have links to al-Qaeda, but both could not be authenticated.

Meanwhile in Cairo, where deadly attacks against tourists prevailed in the 1990s, police investigated a bomb scare after residents reported a huge explosion.

The government later released a statement denying there had been a bomb and said there had been an accidental explosion.

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